Our Services

Packaging and Assembly
Vacuum Forming
Shrink Wrapping
Contract Packing
Any other labour intensive work


Manufacturing, packing and exporting of fertilizer sticks

Shrink wrapping

Shrink-wrapping of products such as stationery, bottles, boxes, etc.
We can handle product sizes up to 400mm x 500mm and we will accept regular or promotional orders.

Blister Sealing

Supply and sealing of blisters on pre-prepared varnished blister cards. Client specific requirements will be attended to.

Vacuum Forming

There are three vacuum formers at your disposal. Making of blisters and various other heavy duty articles. Large and small orders accepted. In-house manufacturing of moulds.

Light assembly work

Setting up of the assembly lines for components & products. Assemble bolts and nuts, as well as packaging. Assemble machine or car parts.

Contract Packaging

Packaging or repacking of products such as: light bulbs, neon tubes, calendars, promotional packaging, elastic bands, etc. Decanting of liquids, as well as packaging of product in outers. Counting of screws and nails, packing into bags and fixing header cards.