Our Mission

Dream House

To create a financially stable organization in order to viably employ and empower disabled and disadvantaged members of the community

We are in the people business. Our aim is to give people a renewed purpose in life whilst earning a living. There is a history of people who lost their way because of their disability and how this “home” gave them a reason to become worthy citizens again.
The Organisation is managed by a Voluntary Board of Directors who freely give their knowledge, expertise and time as a token of care and gratitude.
The Managing Director of the Company has 46 years’ experience, a person who dedicated her life to the cause through trials and tribulations and has, with her team, built the organisation to what it is today.

The Workshop prides itself on top quality products and service. The Workers and staff are fully aware of the fact that we are generally being viewed as “second class” by the business sector. The aim of this Workshop has always been to work away from the “old house” idea that exists about Workshops for the Disabled, by creating products and a showroom that will wow members of the public when they walk through the door.



Although the Workshop does its best to pay their disabled workforce a viable wage, there is much more that can be done by “Social Services” to assist disabled people with public transport. Transport is a problem for disabled people, it is expensive, the bus drivers are not helpful, the busses and trains are overfull and dangerous. Special assistance is necessary and can make a huge difference in reaching the places of possible employment.
It must be understood that this Workshop is doing it’s utmost best to become self-sufficient, but there will always be special needs for disabled people which is not the case in a normal business setup. The subsidy from the Department of Labour assists in augmenting the wages of multiple disabled people to ensure a viable income.
The Workshop is planning to increasingly assist its disabled workers in contributing more towards their Provident Fund to build up an adequate Retirement Fund. In the same way the Workshop is looking into introducing an affordable Sick Fund for its workers that will ease their access to doctors, dental care and operations. Without the aid from the Department this will not be possible.

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