Launch of Subsidy Scheme for the disabled by Minister of Labour Mildred Olifant

The Dreamhouse Workshop for the blind is one of the organisations that will receive funds from the subsidy

The government launched a renewed subsidy scheme for people living with disabilities.

The scheme was launched by labour minister Mildred Oliphant on Thursday at the Dreamhouse Workshop in Silverton.

Departmental spokesperson Teboho Thejane said the scheme was aimed at empowering organisations that housed people living with disabilities.

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“The launch is part of a drive to acknowledge that organisations of and for persons with disabilities have the necessary skills, expertise, infrastructure and other resources to contribute to the reconstruction, development and the provision of employment services,” he said.

Thejane said about 20 organisations would benefit from the initiative and service level agreements were signed with each of the organisations to whom the subsidies were provided.

He said this was part of creating not only an enabling working environment for people living with disabilities but also allowing them an opportunity to flourish.

“The stereotypes that people living with disabilities are unable to work as efficiently as able-bodied people must be debunked.”

In 2016, the employment rate of disabled people had dropped to less than one percent.

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“About 4.3 percent of the South African population is disabled. With acknowledgement of the current unemployment rate of more than 20 percent, people with disability find it more difficult to secure employment. But this can be changed.

“Given the correct and resources to stimulating productivity they continue to prove to everyone that they can do it.”

Dreamhouse Workshop for the blind is one of the organisations that will receive funds from the subsidy.

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