About Us

Pretoria Workshop for the Blind was established in 1929 to provide sheltered employment to the visually impaired people in the Pretoria area. During the 1990s, changes were made to become more business oriented and to be available to all disabilities and races.

The DreamHouse name was later adopted in order to establish a recognizable brand name for the Workshop. Our vision is that the name DreamHouse will become synonymous with quality products produced and manufactured by people with disabilities.

Our mission:

To create a financially stable organisation in order to viably employ and empower disabled and disadvantaged members of the community.

The employees at DreamHouse may be restricted by disability, but they put in every effort to satisfy our customers. They are proud to be breadwinners, able to do so much more with the opportunity they have been provided.

Businesses can earn BEE points by outsourcing their factory, manufacturing, packaging and assembly work to DreamHouse. We assist our customers by overcoming the restrictions associated with setting up production lines and help to ensure that all projects and jobs are completed well within deadline.

We offer the following services:

Contract packaging, light assembly work, vacuum-forming, blister-sealing, shrink-wrapping and manufacturing.

Today, the social enterprise has two companies:

DreamHouse Workshop: a section 21 company, focussing on packaging, vacuum forming and assembling. The Greener Fertilizer Option (trading as Fertistix): Manufacture, packing and international distribution of fertilizer sticks.